Run Retro: Mavericks Frontier Chilterns

Strava Activity: Activity

Shoes: Speedgoat Evo

Socks: Asics Lightweight

Nutrition: 3x GU gel + 2x GU Stroopwafles

Liquid: 500ml Flask

Race Analysis


What went well

  • The Speedgoat EVO work remarkably well with thin socks. During the last two 50k, after mid point, the feet were killing me. Both races happen with lower temperature, but the feet were warmer and more swollen. The shoes don't work with normal, or thick socks.
  • Finished 4th overall, with a 4:01:23h time.
  • No injuries after the run.
  • At 22o I am able to run with a single 500ml flask. This means no need to carry a vest.
  • I think I drank enough water for the whole race (between 1.5 and 2 litters).
  • Combining water and coke helped.
  • The second post had boiled potatoes with salt. ❤️🥔🧂

What went bad

  • Nutrition is still eluding me. I was expecting food posts at km 12, 23.3 and 33. The reality is that these were cut off points and not food posts 🤦‍♀️. I though I had one at ~15k ~26k and 33.5k. In particular for the first post, I delayed eating food, so I could keep more for the later part of the race. This had a domino effect on the rest of the race unfortunately.
  • At km 25 energy was low, so the pace went down from there. This was a combination of temperature and not enough calories.
  • Forgetting to bring salt tablets. At km 38 I had bad cramps. With one tablet every hour this wouldn't happen.

Where to improve

  • Eat more during the race. I don't think I can't go for 4h eating gels and Stroopwafles. I need to include more solid food. Maybe cliff bars?
  • Lose weight. At 74kg, it's far from optimal conditions and this is the biggest factor if I want to improve my performance. I should be around ~68kg.
  • If it's a hot day (above 15o), bring salt tablets.
  • I could have done with a 4th gel.