A quintet of articles

There are days where the reading ground is so fertile, that it leaves no headspace for writing. Today is one of those days.

Ask HN: What is the best thing you read in 2022? - A great source of inspiration of what to read next. It’s the second time I have seen Dark Matter being mention, so it’s next on my reading list, after I finish the Ninefox Gambit.

**Why fusion ignition is being hailed as a major breakthrough in fusion – a nuclear physicist explains** - This is a good article describing what happened on December 14th. It cuts through the usual filler about what Nuclear fusion is and goes straight to the point. We need more articles like this. A lot more.

Perpetual Broth - I had no idea broth can be kept for such long time. A curiosity, more than anything.

Horror stories of cryonics: The gruesome fates of futurists hoping for immortality - In pretty much all sci-fi I read cryogenic freezing is a given. It makes me wonder what’s the current state of this technology. Beyond that, what happened to people that volunteered decades ago?

And finally…

11 Laws of Software Estimation for Complex Work - This article is considerably longer than what I wrote a few days ago here. And it reaches the same conclusion:

Stop wasting time on the delusion you will ever be able to produce accurate estimates