Concurrency in Go

It’s been a while since I read a technical book. I noticed some years ago that to learn something technical, the best way for me is to just do it. But more than just doing it, it needs to be something that scratches an itch, otherwise I will quickly lose interest. However for this specific problem, I felt that a book specialised on the subject was the best way to go about it. So I started reading Concurrency in Go, by Katherine Cox-Buday. One thing is to understand what goroutines and channels do and operate, another thing is to use them properly. I was concerned that the latter would require quite a lot of trial and error. But even with plenty of experimentation, some patterns might be non-obvious. Katherine’s book addresses my concerns in a section named “Concurrency Patterns in Go” that goes for 60 pages. So far I have read the intro about Concurrency and started with the Building Blocks chapter. The first chapter was great! Katherine’s writing is clear and to the point.