Cryptos and LLMs

For many years I have tried to be open-minded about Crypto. But as years went by, I have failed to see its value across multiple pseudo use-cases. But beyond its use-cases I feel that the amount of grifters just keep going up. As a user of crypto, there is a very high chance that either you are trying to scam someone, or you are about to be a victim of one. It’s difficult to look at the ecosystem (both technology and products) with a positive outlook, when you are walking in a minefield.

Lately AI got some strong tailwind with the advent of LLMs (via generative pre-trained transformers). A new generation of startups are now popping up like mushrooms leveraging both ChatGPT - as the working horse - and LLMs. The hype I am seeing is quite similar across software engineers with both crypto and LLMs. The biggest difference to me, is that the latter has clear use-cases and provides value out of the box. For example, for Lotus, I could have paid a designer to create an icon, like I did for Dash. With Midjourney, I created multiple icons in 30 minutes. Of course it won’t replace the role of a designer, but for simple things it did quite a good job. What has crypto done for me?