Delivery Matters

My partner is a big fan of audio books. She devours them. At one point she convinced me to try one. I always felt that I would space out and get lost. I can’t quite remember which book I tried for the first time, but I hated it. I listened for a good twenty minutes and concluded that it wasn’t for me. The narrator’s voice was too distracting. I then assumed all other audio books would have the same issue.

A few years later, we started to play audio books for our oldest son during car journeys. He loves it! And to my surprise, so do I. Fast forward a few weeks and I am listening to Harry Potter, narrated by Stephen Fry. I am hooked. I am now listening to Never Finished and it is amazing.

It made me realize how much delivering matters. It made me look back at the math and physics classes I had. How much impact it had on me and my vocation choices.