A few weeks using Apple’s Fitness+, it just cements the belief that Apple is not that great at consumer products. For an app with a subscription, it falls short on a few basic things.

For starters Fitness+ is sharing the same app space with your activity summary (Apple Watch’s rings) and the ability to share your activity with your friends - the latter is a complete waste of space. This means that there’s a single tab for everything related to Fitness+. It’s almost like the service was wedged in an already existing app. The issues I am having:

  • Search - I can filter by workout type, but I can’t search for say “prenatal yoga”.
  • Saved Sessions - Once you find a session you like, you can add it to your library. But to access your library, you have to scroll to the very bottom to see them.
  • Practise Level - It’s not possible to filter by level. If you have been doing yoga for many years and you want advanced sessions, well tough luck, the app doesn’t allow it. There are a few threads in the Apple forums complaining about this.
  • Feed - The Fitness+ is pretty much a long feed of stuff crammed together: trainers, random sessions, recommended sessions based on past choices, stories, your library. It doesn’t feel like a cohesive experience.

I have a feeling that “Practise Level” will never exist, due to the demographics that Apple is aiming at. I have discussed that here. But the other pieces could be solved if Fitness+ had its own app.