GitHub profile

It’s common for candidates to mention their GitHub profile when applying for a job. GitHub has become the social proof of someone’s activity and ability - it’s a signal, among many. My concern is that a lot of candidates give too much relevance to a profile that might look like this:

github contributions

A couple of things that I would like to point out:

  1. Not everyone is able to contribute daily to GitHub (e.g. company doesn’t use GitHub). This is fine, but I would give less prominence to the link. For example, I would keep out of the introductory email and keep it on the CV only. If my GitHub is mostly empty, I would remove it from the CV and the email.
  2. A few candidates mention particular repos. But rarely people will delve into someone’s repo unless it’s something relevant to the position they are applying to - often this is not the case. I can see a candidate saying: “I can see that the product you are building is quite similar to this thing I have built in the past.”. Listing a bunch of “experiences”, demos, try-outs feels irrelevant to me.
  3. Contributions are measured by both code, but also comments and open issues. If your company does have a GitHub and your contributions are public and there isn’t much activity, I would remove the link entirely.