Heart Rate Dip Insights

I have ranted a few times about the poor state of health and fitness apps. You can read more about it here. But today I want to share a good example. SleepWatch yesterday sent me a notification:

When you burn at least 500 calories from activity during your day, your Sleeping Heart Rate Dip improves by 8 points.

A “Heart Rate Dip” is defined as:

The amount that heart rate slows, or “dips”, during sleep can be an important indicator of overall and cardiovascular health. Sleeping heart rate dip has been found to be a more powerful health indicator than average sleeping heart rate and average waking heart rate.

A small nudge that if I am active during the day it likely improves my overall and cardiovascular health. It’s pretty established that doing exercise and moving is good for one’s health. But at least with the dip measurement, this is easier to track and establish correlations.