Issue 11

After writing State of affairs the ideas there shared still linger in my mind. At what point do people abandon the will to keep evolving? At what point do we decide to “stay the same”? Either by some conviction we have, opinion, or way of life. At what moment we realise that it’s not us, but the others? This thought will continue to bother me throughout the upcoming days and weeks. And these seem like trivialities, but it’s something we see on a daily basis. Every time we witness something, either in a family dinner, or in a meeting, we think “Oh it’s John being John”. When do we become John and will we recognise it?

Today I was in a book shop and asked for “12 Rules For Life”. The person told me that there was an embargo on Jordan Peterson’s books and for some weeks now they didn’t have anything by him. I was shocked, and thought that this is how it begins. We challenge ideas by garrotting them. What a fine place we find ourselves in. I was able to buy Sam Harris’s Waking Up and Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic. Sam Harris is the only person I listen to religiously. His podcast has been a tremendous source of inspiration and advice. I have never read a book from him, so this is a start. And Seneca is Seneca. I have been reading it since I was 19. I have Letters from a Stoic in Portuguese, so why not in English.

Speaking of podcasts, I made the decision to stop listening to “All in”. Although entertaining, I feel that what I want from my life and what the hosts mostly discuss is at odds. And I don’t want to put myself on a pedestal and make myself bigger than what I am - not at all. But lately it feels that most discussions are about status signalling. And I get it. These people are quite successful in their professional life. They achieve a lot, are famous and probably very wealthy. What’s left to get? As William Irvine once said on the same theme “I am playing a dramatically different game”.

Some random musings this week not following any pattern:

Communication in remote environments - I don’t think this is a generally accepted take on communication, but this is what I have witnessed.

Product churn - Two fundamental requirements for any B2C or B2B SaaS product.

FB: Managers to ICs - Everyone has an opinion on this, so here’s mine.

Brand perception - Why I don’t shower with my Oura.

State of affairs

Remote work as a manager - Some contrast between working in an office versus remotely.

Until next time!