Issue 14

Another week, another 6 articles. I have now reached more than 3 months writing every day. Some days are good, some days not so much, but the work gets done - step by step.

I am back to meditation. I am going through some stress, so I have to leverage every tool at my disposal. I am now on my 4th day. The remarkable thing about meditation is that a few sessions - as long as 10 minutes - are enough to feel a difference. When you feel the stress rising, you can refocus your mind on your breathing and allow the negative thoughts to drift off. I was quite skeptical about meditation when I started doing it in 2017. Back then I started for similar reasons - stress at work was spilling over. When I heard people saying it was life changing, I always thought this was one more fad that would go away. I was bluntly wrong.

I am particularly happy with some of the stuff I wrote this week. A much better yield than week 13:

Acute Confirmation Bias - I have discussed confirmation bias before, but it’s never wasteful to hammer this idea again.

Explaining things - Another topic I have discussed before: the power of writing.

Humans over Processes - I continue to share my past failures in the hope my present and future self will learn something.

User centric engineering - What can we do when we lose the forest for the trees.

Step by step - A tiny thought.

Great Leaders Traits - The title says it all. Three traits I think are essential.

Until next time.