Issue 2

As I mentioned in Issue 1, one of the biggest challenges about writing every day is coming up with a topic. But what I found for the past 2 weeks, is that it isn’t the case at all. Knowing that I have to write every day makes the process quite simple. There’s no room for excuses - something must be written. I also became a faster writer. For example, the Standing Out post took me 20 minutes from start to finish. I feel that at some point I will start to plan ahead about subjects I want to explore. For now, the whole process has been quite natural.

As a side effect I lost interest in Twitter. I have deleted all tweets I ever posted, except for the last rolling 30 days. An idea for a tweet can be turned into a post - it’s likely to have more depth. But beyond that, I am not getting anything from posting on Twitter. The social capital is no longer there, when anyone with $8 can get ahead. The engagement is low, to non-existent. It is also the wrong place to exercise short to medium writing form (being Twitter micro). As a consumer, the gold nuggets always reach HackerNews’s front page. All things considered I can’t see what’s the upside of being active there. My goal for the next few months is to convert some of my followers to my writing via substack. And I guess that’s it.

This week I wrote the following articles:

I have found these interesting:

Until next time.