Lego Technic

I have played with Lego for most of my infancy. I haven’t built a new set in a while and the last one I didn’t even finish! It’s been collecting dust in my attic for almost ten years. Today I bought my first Lego Technic - my son picked it for me. I was surprised how complex these sets are.

This was the set:

lego box

I have done sets in the past with two thousand pieces. This one is 800 pieces, so I wasn’t expecting much of a challenge.

For example this was 1 hour into the build:

lego one hour

Two things surprised me about this build. First, how often I was not able to understand where a particular group of pieces would fit. And how little progress I was making.

This was three hours in:

lego three hour

After a little googling and discussing with a friend, Technic sets are complex. Things like gears, electronics, pneumatics and multiple modes of operating. The one I have has pneumatics and I am flabbergasted at the intricacies that this build presents. It has multiple air pipes inside the set to make things move. It’s remarkable how much can be done with just mechnical pieces and a bit of air.