I have listened to many episodes of Lex Fridman’s podcast. The other day I read a critique of his style of interviewing and how the discussion flows. And this has spoiled my listening experience.

Lex has a tendency to ask multiple questions in a single blow. This leaves the guest with the choice of picking which one to answer. I find this quite frustrating as a listener - but also if I was the guest. The style is not quite like the Joe Rogan Experience. Because on the latter, for the most part, it looks like a chat between two people. It doesn’t follow the format of an interview. But on Lex’s show, it is. Something else I have noticed is that good interviewers are able to challenge the interviewee - by asking difficult questions. On the episode with Mark Zuckerberg there were two opportunities for Lex to dig deeper. One is of course about the layoffs at Meta. And the second is the disappointing performance of Reality Labs and the Metaverse. The latter at both user adoption and financials.

I will continue to listen to his podcast, but his guests are carrying the show.