Logistical expectations

Going to a Waterstones shop is a pleasure. I always like to go to hand curated book stores. They have charisma. They have a human touch. It’s not one more place that looks exactly like any other (e.g. WHSmith). My frustration so far has been their online service. Five books ordered during Christmas. Only three arrived until today, when I got the 4th. The 5th is still missing - although the status page clearly states I have received it. I reported this to their customer support roughly 2 weeks ago - no one replied. I bought a 6th book almost three weeks ago, but they were clear it would take 3 to 4 weeks until I get it.

If I buy the same book today from Amazon, I would have it tomorrow in my hands. I wonder: has Amazon completely broken my expectations, or is Waterstones Online services just bad?