Manual: Epictetus

I saw this book recommended here. I read Epictetus many years ago - I barely remember anything. But the lessons in this book are almost a mirror from what one would read on Meditations. The book is quite small and straight to the point. I don’t have a term of comparison with Epictetus original writings - so I don’t know how verbose the originals are. But I do know about Meditations - I have read three versions. There are sections that feel inconsequential to more modern days and mentalities. If Epictetus follows the same pattern as Marcus Aurelius, the trimming is welcome.

I am at mid point. This is superb:

When you find burning desire for something that appears pleasureful, you are like a person under a spell. Instead of acting on impulse, take a step back – wait till the enchantment fades and you can see things are they are.


Then consider how you will feel about yourself tomorrow if you resist the temptation today.