Mojo (part 2)

I really liked the interactions of Chris Lattern with the rest of the community in this HN thread. I find this intriguing:

Mojo also has a more advanced ownership system than Rust or Swift, which is also pretty cool if you’re into such things. Check out the programmer’s manual here for more info:

But so far this is mostly vapor:

The ownership system is partially implemented, and is expected to get built out in the next couple months. The basic support for ownership includes features like:

  • Capture declarations in closures.
  • Borrow checker: complain about invalid mutable references.

The next step in this is to bring proper lifetime support in. This will add the ability to return references and store references in structures safely. In the immediate future, one can use the unsafe Pointer struct to do this like in C++.

It feels however quite far to be production ready. These things take years of testing and feedback from the community. We will see where we are at the end of the year.