Yesterday I kicked-off another hiring period. We are looking for a backend engineer with experience in Python. Moreover, someone that has worked in a startup - how chaotic things are. The application can be made via Linkedin, our website and the “The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective”. I frankly don’t understand why people reach out to me, directly. This goes back to some of the things I wrote on Standing Out. But in this case it’s inverse: people actively sabotaging a chance of getting a foot into the interview process.

Something that is not hammered enough, is that interviewing and getting an offer is a skill. And I have seen both extremes. People great at interviewing and low performers and the opposite. Most people are somewhere in the middle: okay at interviewing and at the job. But while one naturally improves the technical skills, communication and whatnot, the other is an afterthought. There are some good resources on how to improve a CV and how to nail an interview. For people bypassing the process, the only thing left is common-sense.