Small changes

As I was re-reading Issue 5 and my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, it occurred to me that I missed the point. Specifically, small changes don’t require dramatic events. Or that big things can’t have humble beginnings. And as I think further about what I wrote, it reminded me of fasting. Something that started as a small experiment that provided amazing results. I guess you can’t fully quantify something as being profound or life-changing until you look back in retrospect. Even when you reach the limit of the value you can extract, it’s not trivial to measure its impact. But there’s also the opposite. Something that you believe that is truly important to your life, might be meaningless in the long term. Status boosting and signalling via social networks, has yielded little to both my personal and professional life - despite years of micro investments.

I am now digressing from my original point. As Larry David once said: whatever works.