Standing Out (Part 2)

I have discussed this topic in the recent past, but as I ramp up hiring I feel compelled to touch it once again. So two extra points to add to the previous list:

  1. A good email will make you stand out from everyone else. It seems most people are using ChatGPT to generate their intro - these look bland, without any personality. Generic sentences that I have seen hundreds of times before. We are specific about what we are looking for. Great applications answer each item one by one. It shows two things: a) they actually read the spec b) they care enough to put in the time to write something specific to the job.
  2. I love having a good conversation with candidates. I want to know what drives them and what they are looking for next. In the first 30 minutes intro call with me, I give them roughly 20 minutes to ask or discuss anything. Most people don’t know what to do with this time. They ask generic questions that they come up with on the spot. I would rather them not ask anything and simply talk about what they love to do, or how they come into tech, or anything that gives me some sort of glimpse as to the kind of person I am talking with. Years of dealing with interview processes has made people playing it safe. I find this a tragedy.