My grandparents were farmers. They owned a good plot of land where they had carrots, potatoes, corn, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. The corn occupied the bulk of the land. There were also fruit trees. The majority were clementine and orange trees and a few apple and pear trees. There were also animals, like cows, rabbits, pigs and chickens - mostly chickens. The fruit trees agree well with the Portuguese sunny weather. Perhaps due to heritage, perhaps due to my disappointment with tech, I will eventually stay true to my roots.

For many years I joked about planting potatoes. I settled with tomatoes and strawberries. The former cannot withstand - without help - the wet cold English weather. The latter can. The latter also has an imperialist mindset. I started three years ago with a small area of roughly 0.25m2 with 4 plants. We are now close to 1.5m2. Given time, it will take over the entire plot. It looks like this:

strawberry field

And under the dome:

under the dome

And an early yield:

strawberry yield

I will post the tomatoes when they are ready.