Twitter Content Quality

Besides social status, I convinced myself that Twitter was a great source of information. For the most part, if you follow the right people, you get good content. In particular for me, a couple of years ago, this was true for iOS content. Both in the form of small snippets of code and tips, but also links to posts. I no longer believe this is true. What I found in the last 3 weeks of mostly absence from Twitter, subscribing to a couple of good newsletter is more than enough. After pruning people to the bare essence with high signal and low noise, for the most part, its content is not worth the time invested. The endless scroll looking for the next nugget hasn’t lead to anything substantial in a while. Besides thought leaders regurgitating something that they read elsewhere. There’s an occasional good take, but it’s simply not worth the time spent finding it. This led me to remove the Twitter app from my phone (again). And replace it with an Hacker News app. I am able to find 3 to 4 high quality articles per day. Alongside it, I am also able to read high quality comments. This is specially true, for the Ask HN section.

These are the sort of articles I find on Hacker News:


I would find all these articles on Twitter, eventually, but how long would it take me?