During my withdrawal from Twitter, I have started noticing changes in my behaviour. Even now after almost three months without actively using Twitter, my brain sometimes falls to old habits. I often have these “hot-takes” thoughts. These were usually unproductive and provocative - nothing good would come out of it. This was common when I made jokes about React Native. The main difference is that now I don’t have a platform to disseminate these thoughts - except maybe some innocuous take on LinkedIn. It’s quite astonishing that because there’s no dopamine rush, I immediately shut off this pathway and think about more productive endeavours.

So my brain goes like this:

  1. Think about some hot take.
  2. Where would I publish this anyway?
  3. Doesn’t feel right to publish this in my blog, since no one would react to it
  4. Ok move along.

I find this healthier than my previous behaviour.