As a Software Engineer, I have almost a decade of experience in the mobile ecosystem. I have been working in very different markets, that go from E- Commerce to Banking, passing through Food and Health Care, Gambling and Betting, News and now back to Health Care.

I am currently an Engineering Manager of an organization of 25 elements. This organization is composed of engineers (that range from Junior to Senior), but also other managers. I help them defining and achieving their career goals, via 1:1 and continuous coaching. My main is duty is to make sure these members perform their functions, but at the same time keeping the morale and job satisfaction high. I also liaise with product to understand what needs to be done and how can I help my engineers achieving it. I am proud of hiring a world-class team and not having lost a single engineer (100% retain rate) to other companies.

I have extensive collaboration in OSS projects and the iOS community in general. I am also an advocate for FRP* and FP


  • Haskell, Scala, Rust, F#, Idris. ✨
  • Functional Programming, Type Dependent Languages.🤓


  • iOS, Swift, Objective-C, FRP*, MVVM, Xcode, Cocoa Touch. ❤️