Issue 13

We reach the end of another week. My mind has been mostly focused on day-to-day work and not so much in writing. Most of what I wrote this week is a testimony of that. Short posts with not a lot of meat in the bone. I am trying to be more considered about what I am writing, but I reach the evenings with little energy. I believe two things are possible to mitigate this situation: a) plan ahead and take notes of ideas and b) write the posts in the morning when I am fresh. I have started doing a) and already have a grand total of three items. In the morning I also want to include running, but my body resists. It’s February and mornings are around 2 to 4 degrees Celsius, for the past week. Eventually it gets warmer and that’s when I got for a run, but half the day is already gone.

Assuming I post something tomorrow, it will mark 3 months of writing every day!

Giving feedback - A good advise I once got.

APIs - Some food for thought on how APIs I use have evolved.

Raising Exceptional People - A remarkable article with references to other good articles.

Writer’s block

Rejecting candidates - Why I stopped providing feedback to rejected candidates.

Concurrency in Go - A technical book I started reading.

Until next time!