Issue 15

I miss reading a good book and this has a detrimental effect on my writing. I am constantly grappling with myself to find the right word to describe some situation as accurately as possible. I am now using an app that will randomly through words at me during the day. I am not sure how effective it is. I have though about picking those suggestions and force myself to use them when writing. Perhaps by practising it will stick.

The week has not been as plentiful as the previous week, but I am particular happy about Junior Candidates. I have yet to find the right series of steps that yield satisfactory writing results. But the fight continues.

I am now more distance from world news and what’s going on. I feel much more at peace. If something is truly important it will find its way to me.

For this week:


Nonsense at Twitter

Communication at Senior level


Everything Everywhere All at Once

Junior Candidates

Until next time