Issue 6

Issue 6

First week at work after the holidays. It was difficult to get back in the rhythm. My main focus throughout the vacations was my toddler son. I find that managing a small child is harder than the job I am paid to do. I am sure a lot of parents agree that the duality between work and vacations, with a kid, changes.

I was able to wrap up Dark Matter, which I started last year. It’s a fast moving sci-fi thriller. I had a great first half of the book, a somewhat slower 3/4 and an ok final. The end was not what I was expecting, but it was also not that great. It reminds me of Project Hail Mary, on how sticky a book can get - you just want to read the next page! But Project Hail Mary, didn’t engross me as much as Dark Matter. Anyway, I started reading There Is No Antimemetics Division yesterday evening and I am likely to finish it today. It is that good. My reading tower is getting bigger, yet I find myself buying more boooks.

I am now seeing that the issue was never finding things to write about, rather having the time to think about what I want to write about.

Small Changes - A small addendum to Issue 5.

Scaling Pains (Questions - A set of questions that one might ask themselves when hiring more people. This is only relevant for small and really small companies.

Shopify - Purging Meetings - Imagine one day waking up and deciding you don’t like hammers anymore. So you tell your family that from now on, hammers are banned from the house. Yeah, odd right?

Stressful moment - Three quotes I think about during stressful moments.

Confirmation bias - A common bias I see with software engineers.

Second-Order Thinking - There are many mental models that help us identify patterns and either solve them, or avoid potential traps. As a manager, actions against, or in favour, of someone can have deep ramifications.

Until next time.