Issue 9

I am now Twitter free for more than a month. I sometimes go there, to see if I got some reply to my automatic cross-posts - I don’t. I am confident I am not spending more than 15 minutes per week there. Like any good junkie I replaced it with LinkedIn. Partially because I am hiring, so I need to go through applications. On the other hand, I miss the social engagement that Twitter provided me with. I guess working from home can become a lonely affair - I am unsure. Most of the content however is cringe. People create relationships between some random animal crossing a stress and perseverance and some other trait. I find these sorts of posts strange and my curiosity always makes me check the author’s profile. I wonder what led this person to post this sort of thing. A thought that doesn’t last very long. As a platform, LinkedIn is mostly useless. And I am unsure what will replace it. In about 4 days I got more than 100 candidates for this role. It has been a complete waste of time and it’s obvious that 99% of these candidates do not fit the profile we are looking for. LinkedIn has become this strange place where I am not sure what its real purpose is. We have been better served with The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective. The quality is much higher. I guess that’s what you get when you have a human curating who can put their profile there. Quality over quantity. It’s not strange that most of my posts this week have been about hiring, interviewing and whatnot. My mind is focused on that, so the fingers follow.

I have been enjoying my writing on Sundays a lot more than during the week. Mostly because there is no guiding line and I just write about random thoughts. Like for example how much better Foundation the book is compared to Apple’s poor attempt. Or that I have been at Vital for one year. And that working at a company with less than 10 people is a monumental challenge. But also that my running has slightly deteriorated, due to a groin injury. And finally that for the most of the week I have been enjoying Nine Inch Nails. A bunch of random events that summarise my week.

As for what I wrote:

Seniority - A rather personal post about when I felt I became a senior engineer.

Misaligned hierarchies - My feelings towards the inflated hierarchies that we know see. Seniors that aren’t. And Staff / Principal that are seniors.

Nonsense - My frustrations with hiring.

“What we look for in a resume” by Chip Huyen - Just read it.

Referrals - My personal view on the subject and how I have been impacted by them.

Releasing on a B2B SaaS environment - A collection of items to think about when releasing a feature.

We are done for this week.

Until next time.